Success Story - Scarlet, Achieve Ideal Weight, Weight Loss 16 KG

Success Story - Scarlet, Achieve Ideal Weight, Weight Loss 16 KG

For those of you who are on a diet, today's article will motivate you through the journey of a healthy diet is one of our clients.

Mrs Scarlet Pongilatan, who succeeded in reaching the target weight.

When the numbers on the scale has reached 72 kg in February, this one beautiful lady decided to lose weight by changing diet and exercise. He also consulted with a Nutritionist in SlimGourmet and then directed to follow PowerSlim program aimed at weight loss. In addition to maintaining the diet, the 36 year old woman who loved traveling this cardio exercise and weight training for two hours each day with the help of Personal Trainer. With the support of my dear husband and commitment and discipline, Mrs. Scarlet managed to reach their ideal weight at 56 kg (BMI 20.8) after approximately 4 months following the PowerSlim program.

The results achieved by Ms. Scarlet certainly not instant because it requires consistency and lifestyle changes. She is currently SlimGourmet Plus program to increase protein intake and maintain your diet and exercise to lose weight maintained and also tightens the muscles in the body. We hope the way she can be a motivation and inspiration for Friends SlimGourmet in achieving your goals each!

"Determination, commitment, consistency, and discipline is the key to success."

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