Healthy Fasting With SlimGourmet

Healthy Fasting With SlimGourmet

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! It’s now been a few days of fasting for Moslems, and certainly some difference in dietary habit occurs during Ramadhan fasting. In today’s newsletter, we will discuss how to eat during fasting season to stay healthy, feel fit, and have an ideal weight.

When fasting, eating frequency decreases to 2 times a day. Generally, dietary habit in meals at dawn and when breaking fast must be nutritionally balanced. Meals at dawn need to be nutritionally balanced to keep you full longer, with enough fluid to keep you hydrated for +14 hours of fasting. Therefore, try to consume more portion of fiber from vegetables and fruit and avoid diuretic drinks like tea and coffee.

When breaking fast, we suggest that you consume sweet food like dates with appropriate portion to restore your blood sugar. Then eat an appropriate portion of food. Food that is fatty, too salty and too sweet should be avoided. Please do not overeat so that your weight is maintained.

You can still enjoy SlimGourmet’s meals duing the month of Ramadhan. Eat our lunch meal with a free ta’jil when breaking your fast, and SlimGourmet’s dinner meal with free extra carbohydrate portions for your meal at dawn. Please contact us for further information regarding our Ramadhan promo!

Happy fasting!
Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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