Happy Lunch, Happy Tummy!

Happy Lunch, Happy Tummy!

Hi, Friends of SlimGourmet! It seems that many people often feel confused about choosing to eat healthy food during lunch times. This maybe caused by many factors, such as not having much healthy food available in the neighborhood, hesitation over food hygiene, and not having enough time to prepare healthy lunch meals from home.

In the end, they order lunch from nearby food vendors, purely out of convenience, even though it is unhealthy fast food. Meanwhile, your body needs balanced nutrition intake from healthy and hygienic meals to perform optimally during your routine activities.

A healthy lunch meal consists of balanced nutrition in appropriate portions. There should be complex carbohydrates, protein, good fats, vitamin, mineral, and dietary fiber in one meal. The calorie intake from lunch is supposed to be enough to provide energy and stamina for our body until dinner time so it doesn’t disturb your productivity. It is important to eat hygienic and healthy food to prevent infectious and pathogenic disease from entering our body through our digestive system.

We now know that having a hygienic, healthy, and convenient lunch at work is important to increase focus and productivity. Now SlimGourmet provides some additional simple and healthy, nutritionally balanced menus for you, such as Whole Meal Pizza, Whole Meal Sandwich, and Quesadilla. You only need to sit and wait for our food, it is simple, easy, and can be delivered directly to your place. Want to try?

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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