Nutrition for Women during their reproductive years

Nutrition for Women During Their Reproductive Years

Hi, Friends of SlimGourmet! Proper nutrition is necessary through all stages of life. Nutrition plays an especially important role during the reproductive or fertile years in women. Women need to ensure they have adequate nutrition before they get married and pregnant because it affects the health status of their future child.

Nutritional requirements of some micronutrients, for example iron and folic acid, are increased during a woman’s reproductive years. Both micronutrients have several benefits for women, especially during and as she prepares her body for pregnancy. For example, folic acid has a big benefit towards the fetus’s brain cell growth. Furthermore, women have bigger risk of iron deficiency anemia compared to men. Therefore, women need to fulfill their daily iron needs to decrease this risk. Folic acid can be found in some food, for example some leafy green vegetables (spinach and broccoli); beans; orange; avocado; beetroot, and etc. Alternatively, iron can be found in red meat; some leafy green vegetables like spinach; orange; and nuts for example almond and cashew nut.

Maintaining an ideal body weight during a woman’s reproductive years is also important to ensure that her hormones function properly for pregnancy to occur. They should pay attention to what they eat and consume less of junk food, soft drink, and prefer choose dairy products that are high calcium and low fat.

SlimGourmet provides food that is suitable for women to reach their nutritional requirements during their reproductive years. Feel free to have a nutrition consultation with our certified nutritionists to know more about your daily nutritional requirements.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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