Food Preparation to Approach Ramadhan

Food Preparation to Approach Ramadhan

Hi, Friends of SlimGourmet! In a few days, we will approach Ramadhan when all of moslem are ordered to fast for a whole month. Besides physical and mental preparation, what else can you prepare to approach the Holy Month?

In Ramadhan, we have to prepare food for sahoor and breakfasting. In those times, sometimes we are in a rush and do not have any time to prepare food and just eat any food that imbalance in nutrition and inapropriate portion. If that happens for a long time, your blood pressure will low, blood glucose will low, and the risk of dehydration is high. To prevent those things, it is better to prepare your food during Ramadhan.

Before Ramadhan, you should storage some groceries which can be easily processed such as herbs, vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, beans & nuts. Those groceries has already been cleaned, washed, and dried so there are not any watre in it, then it is ready to storage in chiller. Then, you can also cooked some protein source food such as meat, chicken, or fish into some menu that can be saved for some time for example meatballs, fish nuggets, ayam ungkep, or sauteed minced beef so it can hellp you to save time in cooking. Those things will make you easier to prepare food especially in sahoor time, so you can eat nutrition balanced food and stay healthy during Ramadhan.

SlimGourmet also serves food with ta’jil promo and extra carbohydrate portion during Ramadhan. We assure you to have balanced nutrition with proper portion during Ramadhan to keep you healthy and maintain your weight on track. Please call us for further info!

Happy fasting!

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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