22 December: Mother’s Day

22 December: Mother’s Day

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! On 22 December, Indonesia celebrates Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day celebration is different in another country. However, the aim to celebrate it stills the same, which is reminding us to love and care our mother. The act of loving can be shown in some ways, including care about her daily nutrition intake.

Therefore, women’s nutrition need is different based on her age and activity. Besides calorie need, her vitamin and mineral need are also changing. For adult women, especially in productive age, they have to care about macronutrient intake as well as micronutrient intake such as iron. It is because we know that productive age women are on high risk of iron deficiency anemia. Red meat is high of iron and can be easily absorbed in our body. Moreover, iron can be found in some leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale that should be consumed together with vitamin C to help the absorption of iron in our body.

For elderly women, macronutrient should be balance, as well as micronutrient such as vitamin and mineral, especially calcium, zinc, vitamin B and D to help maintain bone health, nerves, and body cell. For women who have medical history, they also need to care about nutrition intake based on their situation by consulting with certified nutritionist.

SlimGourmet is the right healthy choice for the people you love, it is because of its varieties menu, balanced meals, and nutrition consultation service. Moreover, we also provide some less
sugar cookies and cakes that are suitable for healthy gift to your beloved mother.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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