"The Power of Food as Your Medicine!"

SlimGourmet - The #1 Premium Healthy Catering Company in Indonesia

Our Commitment

As a premium catering service, SlimGourmet focuses all its manpower and resources on exquisite taste, premium quality, guaranteed freshness and first class service to ensure that our valued clients can conveniently follow a healthy lifestyle.

Our team of friendly and passionate Diet Consultants and Certified Nutritionists are committed to being your #1 Partner towards living a healthy lifestyle in Jakarta. Custom made meal plans, nutrition education, client confidentiality, ongoing support and motivation are part of the excellent and personalized services provided to help each client reach their health goals.

Know More About Us

Our Packages

At Slim Gourmet, we have customized solutions that are engineered
specifically to treat and prevent diseases.

Weight Loss

Lose 2-4kg within 4 weeks!*

Extreme Weight Loss

Lose 5-10kg within 1 month!*

Weight Maintenance

Stay healthy and maintain your ideal body weight!

Medical Conditions

Have diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, gout, cancer, kidney disease, stroke or recently got discharged from the hospital?

Muscle Building

Build lean muscles with exercise or produce healthy weight gain without exercise.*

Customized Diet Program

Because one diet does not fit all! Examples include: Mayo diet, Gluten Free, Paleo Diet & Specific macronutrients.

Healthy Bento

Convenient, affordable, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals for busy individuals, corporate meetings or event catering.

Event Catering

Planning a wedding, birthday, family gathering, office meeting or health related event?

*Results may differ based on each person’s age, gender, activity level, and initial weight.

What our clients say

"SlimGourmet is my best friend that gives me solution how to follow a healthy lifestyle with variety of delicious healthy food. “

Krisdayanti - Indonesian Diva Singer

“I’ve successfully lost 10kg within 4 weeks, from 93.7 kg to 83.4 kg. SlimGourmet is the best healthy diet catering!”

Andrea Lee - PowerSlim Program’s Client

"A brilliant solution for those who fancy great taste of food yet want to stay best in shape. SlimGourmet stands out and win my heart!”

Aline Tumbuan - Indonesian Model & Presenter