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Honey ORIGINAL Meliponini 100% Organic.

Did you know about stingless Bee? or ever heard Flavonoid Content (Antibacterial) high, commonly known as propolis, a natural anti-biotic? Only this type of bee that can produce propolis. In addition to having many-fold benefits of honey and honey bee propolis taken from other ordinary, honey is very rich in vitamins and minerals that are very helpful in the healing process and to keep the body becomes healthier. According to the study of "Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia - www.sciencedirect.com", honey produced from bees without sting is very good for people with Diabetes and Gastric.

The benefits of this honey:
- Healing asthma
- Strengthen brain function for people with Autism
- Treating Acne
- Increasing fertility
- Curing thrush
- Prevents premature aging
- Healing heartburn
- Treating sore throat
- Accelerating the recovery of stroke