Most Frequent Ask Question

I want to eat healthy, not lose weight. Is SlimGourmet for me?

Absolutely! For those who want to maintain a stable weight and to live healthy lifestyle, we have designed this package with an extensive menu option that guarantees to keep your taste buds happy each and every bite. SlimGourmet is a great way to maintain your weight & health!

What if I am allergic with a certain type of food? Can I substitute?

Yes, our expert consultants and nutritionists are trained to know all aspect of a customer’s diet habit before starting their catering program. All substitutions are maintained, so the change will only need to be done once.

Are you able to cater to people with illness such as high cholesterol or diabetic?

Yes, our SlimGourmet+ package, is designed specifically for that. This "food as medicine" manner of eating habit is the best solution for most illness such as obesity, diabetic, cholesterol, and even cancer. Our experts had teamed up with a list of hospitals and doctors in order to gain the knowledge, confidence, compassion and skills required to integrate food as medicine..

I don't eat seafood. Can I still follow your meal plan?

You sure can! Just be sure to specify "No Seafood" upon ordering and we will customize the menu to meet your needs.

How do I request a change in my schedule or meal plan?

You can contact your personal consultant directly, or please feel free to call us at (021) 739 5752. To ensure the changes will be made, please only contact us by phone. Also, note that all changes are required to be made 24 hours before the delivery time

I'm getting hungry between meals. Can I have snacks?

If you're on our PowerSlim Program, we will provide you with puddings or jelly as a snacks between meals. The best solution is to contact our expert consultants or nutritionists, they will provide a guideline for snacking between meals specifically for you.

I want to order lunch only, is that possible?

Yes, the option to order lunch or dinner only is available for our Healthy, Regular Slim and Kidz Gourmet packages.

Where do you deliver your meals?

SlimGourmet delivers to any address in Jakarta and some of the surrounding areas. Additional delivery charges might be applied to addresses that are out of our delivery area. Our expert consultants will confirm your address prior to completing your order.

I'm going out of town. Can I schedule a stop?

Yes, you can stop or re-start your meal delivery, but please make sure you give us at least 24 hours notice in advance before the delivery.

What time will my meals arrive?

In order to provide you with a 24 hours freshness guaranteed, we offer 2 deliveries a day directly to you. For lunch, we are able to guarantee the time of delivery between 10:00am – 12:00pm. And for dinner, the guaranteed time of delivery is between 4:00pm-6:00pm.

Can you accommodate frequent schedule and address changes?

At SlimGourmet we want to make eating healthy easy and we realize for that to happen we need to be accommodating. All we need is a 24 hours notice, as long as the change request is made before 24 hours from the delivery, we will be able to fulfill your request. You control the number of meals you receive and you can stop and restart your plan as you go ... without any added charge! With SlimGourmet you can design a plan to fit your needs and lifestyle.

What is the deadline for address and schedule changes?

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for any changes in schedule, address, or substitutions.

What is the shelf life of the meals? Can they be frozen?

We suggest that you put the containers in the refrigerator if you are planning to eat them later that day. But if you are planning to eat it for the next day or longer, we suggest that you freeze them. And yes, our containers are microwave safe.

How should the food be heated?

The meals you receive are ready to be consumed, but you are welcome to re-heat, using either a microwave or conventional oven, our containers are microwave safe