Catering Packages

Weight Loss

Lose 2-4kg within 4 weeks!*

Extreme Weight Loss

Lose 5-10kg within 1 month!*

Weight Maintenance

Stay healthy and maintain your ideal body weight

Medical Conditions

Have diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, gout, cancer, kidney disease, stroke or recently got discharged from the hospital?

Muscle Building

Build lean muscles with exercise or produce healthy weight gain without exercise.*

Customized Menu

Because one diet does not fit all! Examples include: Mayo diet, Gluten Free, Paleo Diet & Specific macronutrients.

Healthy Bento

Convenient, affordable, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals for busy individuals, corporate meetings or event catering.

Event Catering

Planning a wedding, birthday, family gathering, office meeting or health related event?

*Results may differ based on each person’s age, gender, activity level, and initial weight.

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