What is hypotension?

What is hypotension?

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! Happy Monday! You must have known the term hypertension or high blood pressure. How about hypotension or low blood pressure? Does it dangerous to our body?

Low blood pressure or hypotension indicates blood pressure flow level in arteries wall that has value 90/60 mmHg or even lower. If hypotension happens, blood flow to body organs is limited, then your body will lack of oxygen, feel dizzy, and loss of consciousness. General symptomps of hypotension are dizzy, limp, missing balance, blurry vision, and pale. If you  all of those symptomps, it is better to check you blood pressure immediately.

Hypotension can be happened in any condition, for example when your body dehydrated, in standing position for long time, sudden position changes, and medical side effects. To treat hypotension, you should fulfill your daily needs of water and sodium. You can drink water up to 10 glass a day and eat plenty fruits and vegetables that have contain of water. Meanwhile sodium can keep your body fluid balance. The source of sodium that asily obtained is salt, which you can consume up to 5 grams or 1 tsp a day.

To prevent hypotension, SlimGourmet arranges menu and fully concern in vegetables variation as well as sodium content in salt so that your sodium and water daily needs are fulfilled. Please have nutrition consultation with our nutritionist.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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