Weight Loss Diet for Children, Is It Okay?

Weight Loss Diet for Children, Is It Okay?

Hi Friends of SlimGourmet! Having healthy and chubby children sometimes makes us, as a parent, proud. It means that they are healthy, however, is that right? Let’s find out in this week’s newsletter.

Some parents are proud to see their children put on some weight and grow well, even some of them doesn’t control their children’s dietary intake. They just give their children anything they want to eat regardless on its nutrition content. If that happens continuously, it might lead to children’s nutrition deficiency and even worse children obesity. It is because that most of children love to eat fast food, sweet snacks, or food that usually showed up in their favorite TV shows or has been eaten by their favorite cartoon or superheroes. Children obesity also easily occurred when they have low physical activity.

Children overweight and obesity should be aware especially by parents because it can affect their psychological condition as well as some uncontagious diseases like hyper cholesterol and diabetes mellitus type 2. If your children are overweight or obesity, please do not panic or doing some unhealthy weight loss diet to your children. Unhealthy weight loss diet in children can affect their growth and development. The best thing to do are changing their eating habit, choosing healthy foods with high fiber and protein, and choosing & scheduling the best activity for children especially activity that requires a lot of movement and sweat.

SlimGourmet Premium Catering also has Kidz Gourmet Packaging and Kidz Gourmet Bowl to support children growth and development. It has variety menu, balanced portion and nutrition that has been arranged by SlimGourmet’s certified nutritionist based on children’s dietary needs. Let’s enjoy Mexican Orange Chicken and Organic Carrot Rice and Cod Bouillabaisse and Potato Wedges in this week’s menu.

Let’s lice healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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