Understanding the Nutrition Facts Label on the Packaging

Hi friends of Slimgourmet! Have you noticed the label nutritional value information (nutrition facts label) which are listed on food packaging? Understanding label nutritional value information is essential to provide comprehensive information about the nutritional value of packaging products and can be used as a control tool in regulating food intake in a day.

How to read the label nutritional value information is divided into three stages. First, notice servings (serving size) and the number of servings per package (servings per container). Serving is usually listed in grams. For example, in the packaging of biscuits, listed serving size 3 crackers (35 g) and has a description of two servings per package. That is, in one package, can be divided into 2 servings or can be consumed as much as two times the number of servings per dish as much as 3 crackers.

Furthermore, note the number of calories and fat calories contained per serving. For example, the serving size 3 crackers (35 g) contains 60 calories and 10 calories from fat. This means that 1/6 of those calories come from fat. If you eat one package (2 servings per pack), then you have to consume 120 calories and 20 calories from fat.

Furthermore, note the value of the listed nutrients listed in grams or milligrams and the percent RDA, which compared with the average calorie intake of 2000 calories a day. Remember, the number of listed nutritional value comes from the amount per serving. Eg, saturated fat; trans fats; cholesterol; and sodium should be limited at less than 5% RDA.

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