Tips to Prepare for Ramadhan Fasting Season

Tips to Prepare for Ramadhan Fasting Season

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! The Holy month of Ramadhan is less than one week away. How do you usually prepare for the fasting season? We will discuss a few tips for fasting preparation in this newsletter

After a year, it is common for your body to be shocked when forced to restrict intake or fast. However, we can prepare your digestive system for Ramadhan fasting month 1 or 2 weeks beforehand.

One way to prepare your body is to increase your food portion and decrease meal frequency to 2 times a day plus reduce or avoid snacking. It is also important to consume nourished and
balanced meals, as well as fiber rich content from a variety of vegetables and fruits. Lastly, keep yourself active and busy, so you will not think about food or feel hungry.

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