The Health Benefits of Paprika

Paprika is a type of chili is not so spicy even a little sweet, so often called sweet pepper. Paprika has a low calorie, every 100 grams contains only 26 calories. Consuming pepper can warm the body, and helps metabolism.

The peppers are rich in vitamin C that can increase endurance. In addition to vitamin C, Vitamin A are also beneficial to the eyes and skin. Paprika is also a good source of antioxidants, which counteract free radicals and prevent cancer.

Capsaicin in the peppers are beneficial to stimulate the formation of mucus in the gut that aid digestion. Capsaicin can also stimulate the production of insulin which makes glucose lower. Capsaicin increase blood flow, so that the spread of oxygen to all the tissues of body organs becomes smooth, overcoming stroke and prevent heart attacks.

Paprika can be an alternative to improve the flavor in cooking because it has a distinctive aroma. We at SlimGourmet often used as pelezat paprika and garnish with various colors of peppers, because the most important in addition to delicious dishes, to be healthy as well right?

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