The Benefits of Stevia Leaf

For Friends of SlimGourmet who likes sweet taste, newsletter this time talking about healthy alternatives that you can add into foods or drinks as a natural sweetener. Stevia leaf is one product that is not very well known in Indonesia as a sugar substitute or as a substitute for artificial sweetener. However, the popularity of the leaves began to attract the attention of the people of Indonesia because of its ability to add sweetness without the calories, chemicals, and side effects.

To use, simply add a pinch of stevia leaves into your food and your drink or during food processing. Stevia leaves are brewed with warm water will produce a brownish color like tea, which you can then add into the food and beverages you to add sweetness. The sweet taste comes from the stevia leaf stevioside substances that taste 300 times sweeter than sugar. Therefore, its use as a replacement for sugar and artificial sweetener substitutes must remain restricted and adjusted so that not too sweet.

For those of you who are on a diet or have a medical condition, such as diabetes and cholesterol, Stevia leaf is the right choice to add sweetness naturally into food or beverages without raising blood sugar or add calories. SlimGourmet currently provides products stevia leaves which you can get and use as a replacement for sugar and artificial sweetener. Are you interested in trying?

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