Success Story: Minarni Honawidjaja

Success Story: Minarni Honawidjaja

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! Happy Monday and Happy New Year 2018! Is your new year’s resolution to lose weight and start living a healthy lifestyle? In today’s newsletter we will inspire you through one of our SlimGourmet Regular Slim client’s success story who has succeeded in losing weight and maintaining her health.

Mrs. Minarni Honawidjaja or usually called by Mrs. Melly, worried about her overweight body and health risk condition especially cholesterol and hypertension that she concerned. She was aware about her condition then tried to do some self losing weight diet program; however it didn’t turn out well. On August 2017, she joined with SlimGourmet and got some benefit. This 60 year old woman successfully lost 5.6 kg, from 61.6 kg to 56 kg. Even though her weight goal is 55 kg, woman who works as manager, feels happy about her current weight and BMI normal status. Then, she also feels another great effect in losing weight; her cholesterol and tension level is more controlled.

Now, Mrs. Melly is having healthy lifestyle as her habit and trying to maintain her good habit. “SlimGourmet serves varieties menu so I’m not bored, their teams is so informative and responsive to all of customer’s requests. Thanks to nutritionists and SlimGourmet’s team who have helped me through their healthy serving,” said the woman whose hobby are travelling and cooking.

Through this story, we can motivate ourselves to stay healthy or start living a healthy lifestyle so hopefully we can fulfill our new year’s resolution. Please call us to make free nutrition consultation and get info about SlimGourmet’s products.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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