Success Story - Jackline Kezia

Hi, Friends of SlimGourmet! Have problems with weight changes after-childbirth? In this newsletter will tell about the success stories of our SlimGourmet client, Jackline Kezia a.k.a Jackie who managed to reach the ideal body shape back after-childbirth.

Jackie gave birth to her first daughter in January 2015 and at that time her weight had reached 80 kgs. She feel motivated to return have weight and ideal body shape as it was before her pregnant, start the program lose weight by following a Healthy Premium of SlimFit Program (SlimGourmet Catering collaborate with 20Fit Micro-Gym) for 6 weeks. It is not difficult to run because previously Jackie was accustomed doing a healthy lifestyle.

After finish the SlimFit Program, Jackie keeps his life by consuming a healthy diet and do exercise for 5 times a week. Physical activity she chooses is doing a Bikini Body Guide (BBG) and running until her weight down and stuck on 57.7 Kgs in December 2016. She does not satisfied enough with her accomplishments, Jackie consuming Soup Cleanse by SlimGourmet for 2 days and now she has managed to reach and maintain her weight at 55.4 Kg.

SlimGourmet is proud to offer the first Cleanse Soup in Indonesia. This is a great way for the newest Detox Style of Holywood A-list Celebrity and health trendsetters like Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Anniston. Our certified nutritionist formulate a nourishing Soup Cleanse with ingredients consisting of 24 quality vegetables, herbs, and spices which is different to help the absorption of nutrients and improve the detoxification process in your body.

Interested to try our Soup Cleanse? Contact us at (021) 7395752 to get 20% discount and be a trendsetter for the first Soup Cleanse in Indonesia together with SlimGourmet!

Let's live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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