Success Story - Maelissa Pramaningasih

With his work as resident physicians Surgery at Hospital Cipto Mangunkusumo, Maelissa Pramaningasih not have time to exercise. Irregular eating because of the rush during the education and the difficulty of providing healthy food.

So when the numbers on the scales have shifted to the right until the number 84 kg, this veiled beautiful women take the decision to change his diet more healthy by taking Slim Regular packet.

Dedicated and backed his beloved mother, Mae, so familiar greeting, lost 7 kg in just three weeks. His friends also thinks Mae is now more beautiful with more gaunt cheeks, every morning he no longer felt fatigue, more fit and energized. Surely a good mood because Mae feel more confident throughout the day.

With Regular Slim, Mae can change so much healthier diet without torturing yourself. Consider the following comments, "Now my body become lighter, more comfortable activism. The food menu is varied so it does not get bored. Delivered on time. Never try another catering, but failed. Going forward I will continue catering from SlimGourmet."

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