Success Story - Herawati, Overcome Diabetes & Cholesterol with SlimGourmet+

Our inspiration this week came from a mother who had suffered a blockage of blood vessels in the head. He was Herath, 50 years old, works as a finance officer in a private company and a mother for the family. After running the operation, it turns out he also had higher levels of glucose and high cholesterol.

On the advice of a doctor to change eating habits and lifestyle, in October 2014, he consulted with Dietician in SlimGourmet. Mom good-natured one is directed in order to follow the package SlimGourmet+ to handle his condition diabetes and cholesterol before complications occur further.

Vigorously to live healthier, high discipline, family support, and exercise regularly, her efforts in running the program advocated by Dietician we were not in vain. Five months after the program SlimGourmet+, his laboratory results indicate a better change. Doctors also reduce drug consumption, such as diabetes and cholesterol-lowering drugs. In addition, he lost weight 7 kg to normal, which is 61 kg, and make friends work together, he became jealous.

"Now my drug consumption is reduced, reached the ideal weight, so that up to now I still subscribe SlimGourmet because of proven benefits, thanks to nutritionists, consultants, kitchen team and the entire staff SlimGourmet ".

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