Success Story - David Darmawan Siauw

David Darmawan Siauw, a man of 35 years who like to cook and eat it find a turning point in his life when he was diagnosed Pankreasitis. With height 169, weight reached 109 kg, body mass index 38.16 (Obesity).

In August 2014 ago, he didiganosa Pankreasitis that requires daily insulin injections 8x. Doctors recommend that manage your diet balanced nutrition. Results of laboratory examination showed Triglycerides stands at 7000, and HbA1c 12.8.

After following a healthy diet along with SlimGourmet for nearly two months, the situation is gradually improving. Cholesterol dropped to 131, HbA1c has returned to normal, weight down by 18 kg to 91 kg, dose injection insulinnyapun dropped to 4 times a day even eventually stop. Now he feels more fit and vibrant.

"I am very grateful to be supported by SlimGourmet, both consultants and nutritionists always give me encouragement. For service and hospitality I love the thumb. Courier also each drove friendly. For food diet varies according to me, so I can still eat well. Thanks to consultants, nutritionists, kitchen team and all the staff SlimGourmet."

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