Success Story - Cosmopolitan FM Makeover Challenge

For approximately 50 days, the finalists in support with PowerSlim Program and plus treatment of European Slimming Center and Euro Skin Lab. The result is an average of the finalists were able to remove about 12% of her body weight. Take a look at their testimonials about SlimGourmet following:

Ucita Pohan (Cosmopolitan FM Broadcasters)
"I like the menus tasty and varied, unlike diet, the service also okay and always helpful."

Widi Toha
"Initially it was not like to eat vegetables, but SlimGourmet trained me to eat more vegetables because it is good for health, I am so accustomed to eating vegetables."

"I like the food riches, I also love to read a newsletter every Monday a lot of good info, and delivery of food also allows me mobile. And now I'm getting to know what foods I should hindarin. Thanks a lot SlimGourmet"

Maya Bunga
"The menu mutually so not bored, most happy if Indonesian menu, asian, japan same, guaranteed no trace exhausted. Perhaps because it is less familiar with the menu a la western ya. And it could be delivered where aja again."

Well, you want to be healthy and happy as they were this year? Let us begin a healthy lifestyle from now!

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