Success Story - Budi Prasetyo

"Nice catering and tastes good. Can you take me to recover from kidney disease. A year ago I was diagnosed with kidney function doctor I lived 12%, until the doctor finally declared cured."

When in March 2013 the doctors diagnosed kidney function only 12%, Budi Prasetyo, a 55-year-old man who now serves as a director in a largest telecommunications company in Indonesia contact SlimGourmet a healthy diet solution.

He presented the results of laboratory that shows Hypercreatinine and Hyperuricemia. After consultation with Nutritionist, beliaupun directed to take SlimGourmet+ package. With the determination to heal so great, supported by high discipline, he followed the whole direction of the Nutritionist, and also regularly went to the doctor.

Ten months passed, little by little laboratory results showed the changes. And finally now doctors have stated that his kidneys have improved and declared cured. Until now Budi Prasetyo continued healthy diet by reducing fatty foods, increasing fiber intake, and choose complex carbohydrates.

The success of diet is influenced not only of the products you consume, but also of the willingness and the commitment and support from the people closest to you.

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