Success Story - Amalia Mutiara Reza

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! At the beginning of this month, we will share the inspiration of Amalia who has been undergoing Power Slim for 1 month.

Amel, as she is familiarly called, had previously tried several diets do alone, but has yet to show meaningful results. Therefore, she is keen to follow the program Power Slim. Within one month of Amel successful weight loss of 3.6 kg were mostly from impairment of fat. Amel admitted very happy with the results achieved, moreover, he managed to reach the normal value of visceral fat, which is from 15 to 8.5 points.

During the program Power Slim, women who have a hobby of traveling and this sport, admitted a lot to learn about eating good, healthy snacks and foods to the diet. With Power Slim program, she felt very healthy food have a direct impact on the body. Amel realized that she not only had to keep the intake of food, but also have to exercise. Within a week, 23-year-old woman, exercising aerobic exercise for 3-4 times. When weekend, Amel keep control snack, that is by eating pudding fruit, muesli, or fresh fruit.

Accustomed and educated with diet and portion SlimGourmet, Amel now motivated to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by adjusting his diet and regular exercise alone.

"When diet, our mindset must be changed, not only to lose weight in a variety of ways, but through eating a healthy, balanced, and the corresponding portion so that the body is healthier and it will be easier to achieve the desired weight loss"

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