Success Story - Agus Basuki

Happy Monday again friends of SlimGourmet! Inspirational stories this time came from one of the clients SlimGourmet namely Agus Basuki. Starting from the motivation to reduce the value of high blood lipid profiles in the last month, Agus Basuki began subscribing to a healthy catering from SlimGourmet. Values Triglycerides he reached the figure of 393 mg / dl, total cholesterol ranging from 234 mg / dl and LDL of 139 mg / dl. He admitted several months backward irregular lifestyles including diet and rest.

Men who have a hobby of playing this trailer bike, finally decided to change their lifestyle for the sake of health. It is recognized by him, to achieve the desired goals that need a balance between diet, adequate rest and regular exercise. Apart from consulting a nutritionist from Slimgourmet Premium Healthy Catering to regulate his diet, he diligently to 4 Km treadmill and weight training every day and set the pattern for rest.

The results did not betray the effort, a month later he triglyceride values decreased to 154 mg / dl to make his surprise, in addition to the value of total cholesterol to 176 mg / dl. HDL (good cholesterol), which was initially 36 mg / dl increased to 47 mg / dl. He also felt his waistline shrink today. Pleased with the results, he was more motivated to maintain a healthy life.

Let's live healthy, happy, and prosperous together SlimGourmet!

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