Soft Drink

Soft drink is one drink that is popular in Indonesia. Actually, many people know that these drinks are not good for health, but the taste is sweet, fresh and energizing gained, making soft drinks remain popular.

Consumption of soft drinks are not recommended because of the high sugar content and without nutrition. This will lead to excess calorie intake and increase body weight and the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Therefore, sugar-free soda is a better choice because these drinks usually do not contain calories. However, the consumption of all soft drinks still be restricted because these drinks contain acid and phosphorus levels are high enough to cause bone loss, stomach pain, and dental caries.

Here are tips you can do to get rid of the habit of drinking soft drink:

  • Do it slowly. If you consume a soft drink approximately 3-4 x per week, try to reduce consumption be 1-2x per week to limit the portion, plus a maximum of ½ cup of soda with lots of ice cubes.
  • Infused water. Water is the best choice to drink. However, if you feel bored with the taste of the fresh water, try infused water. This drink is usually made by mixing slices of fruit or vegetable, such as lemon, orange, or cucumber, into the water to give a fresh taste without the calories so that the risk of illness resulting from the consumption of soft drinks can be avoided.

Starting was a healthy life by consuming beverages that are good for your body.

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