Snacking for Kids

Snacking for Kids

Hi, friends of SlimGourmet! This week, children back to their activity routine, including go to school. To do routine and hectic activities, they need balance dietary intake with appropriate portion. In a day, children need 3 times meals and 2-3 times snacking.

Parents should concern about children snacking intake as well as meals intake. Snacking food ingredients for children should be healthy and do not contain food additives such as preservatives, flavoring, sweetener, and artificial coloring. As overweight & obesity prevalence in children increases, the calorie contained in children’s snacking food should be calculated. The average of energy adequacy of children age 5-12 years old is 1913 kcal. (Studi Diet Total, 2014), from those, children need 150-190 kcal/ meals in snacking time.

Healthy snack menu should add ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts. It can help children to adapt in eating various and nourished food so their dietary need can be achieved. The examples of simple and healthy snack menu at home are carrot quiche, cookies, muffin, mung bean porridge, etc. Snack menu can be made based on the ingredients availability at home and your children’s favorite menu.

SlimGourmet provides KidzGourmet Healthy Snack Box with appropriate portion and calorie contain for children. In this week, we have 5 variants of snack, Dragon Fruit Muffin, Toasted Cashew and Honey Muesli Bar, Dark Choco Almond Cookies, Banana Oatmeal Madeleine and Raisin Oatmeal Honey Cookie. Please contact us at (021) 7395752 for nutrition consultation and further information.

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