Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! Lately, there are health issues that states that the sea salt is better than table salt. Is that right? Let's discuss in this week's newsletter.

The major difference between sea salt and table salt lies in the taste, texture, and processing. Processed sea salt from evaporated sea or salt water lake. The mineral content of sea salt is determined by the source of water used. The minerals that give it flavor, color, and texture in sea salt so there are many kinds of sea salt on the market. Different from sea salt, table salt is the result of pond through a long process to increase shelf life. Table salt is also usually fortified with iodine, a mineral that serves to maintain thyroid health.

Both salt contains the same main minerals, namely sodium and chloride. The nutritional value between sea salt and table salt are also similar in weight balanced. However, many claim that sea salt is healthier than table salt because it is considered more natural and shorter processing experience so that more minerals. Nonetheless, the need minerals like sodium in the body is relatively small and are fulfilled by eating meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables are quite a day. So, no matter what type of salt you use, either sea salt or table salt, they still need to be controlled and their use should not be exaggerated.

Tim kitchen and nutritionist SlimGourmet ensure your food is still good despite the use of salt is limited, due to excess sodium in the body can increase the risk of hypertension, stroke and coronary heart disease.

Let's live healthy, happy and prosperous together SlimGourmet!

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