Resolution How to Have Healthy Life

Resolution How to Have Healthy Life

Hi Friends of Slimgourmet! This week Indonesia will celebrate its Independence Day. There are so many things that we can do to celebrate it. The easiest one is having resolution for
ourselves to have healthy life. In healthy condition, surely we can work productively and give much contribution to our country.

Some things that we can do to reach healthy lifestyle are having healthy eating habit, for example increasing fresh foods consumption (not a processed food), because people nowadays tend to choose processed and instant foods that are more satiate them and easily consumed. As a result, vegetable and fruit consumption is decreasing.
Therefore, we need to increase vegetable consumption as much as 3-4 portion and fruit consumption as much as 2-3 portion a day. Then, organic foods consumption is also needed to increase because eating organic foods can help in prevent any chemicals substance going to our body. Furthermore, we also need to limit sugar consumption (maximum 4 tbs/day), oil consumption (maximum 5 tbs/day), and salt consumption (maximum 1 tsp/day). Other than that, it is also important to avoid alcohol and tobacco consumption and do regular exercise three times a week in 30 minutes per time.

Reaching healthy living resolution is not impossible thing to do. Discipline and strong determination are keys to reach a long life healthy living. SlimGourmet is a good choice to actualize your healthy resolution. Grab an Independence Day Special Price, only Rp 1.781.945 (limited for 17-22th August 2018). You will get 20 meals package of Weight Maintenance/Extreme Weight Loss/Weight Loss, or 40 meals Healthy Bento package. Please call us for further informationJ

Happy 73th Indonesia Independence Day!

Let’s live healthy,
happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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