Prevent Breast Cancer

Happy monday Friends of Slimgourmet! Cancer is one of the most feared diseases by the public. Nowadays, many women fear breast cancer, how not if in recent years, breast cancer has led to the highest death rate of cancer, especially if there is family history of cancer experienced by family members.

Commemorating World Breast Cancer Day which falls annually on October 26, let us pay more attention to breast health. We as women can certainly prevent the occurrence of breast cancer in several ways, including by maintaining ideal weight remains, the consumption of low-fat foods, avoid alcohol, regular exercise at least 30 minutes / day, avoid smoking and doing general medical check ups regularly, eating more fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and fiber and give milk to the baby regularly if you have recently given birth.

By implementing some of the ways that have been mentioned, indirectly we've cut the chances of breast cancer in ourselves. Our team is Slimgourmet always ready to help you to implement a healthy lifestyle, ranging from maintaining ideal body weight of up serving healthy meals with a portion that fits the needs of the body. Let's apply a healthy life early on and start from yourself!

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