Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! There are so many diet types that have recently been adapted in Indonesia, such as keto diet, mayo diet, and paleo diet. Today’s newsletter will talk about paleo diet that refers to our prehistoric ancestor’s dietary habit.

Paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, aims to return dietary habits nowadays that are full of processed food back to our ancestor’s dietary habit filled with food that are natural, fresh, and minimally processed. Paleo diet is high protein, moderate fat, and low carbohydrate. When following the paleo diet, we suggest choosing fresh food that contains no preservatives or additives substances, as well as being minimally processed. There are some foods that should be avoided when following the paleo diet, such as grains & cereal (rice, bread, wheat pasta, etc), potato, sweet potato, lentils & beans, sugar, honey, dairy products, vegetable oils, and processed foods. On the other hand, the food that should be included when following the paleo diet include lean meat, fish, eggs, fresh fruit & vegetables, nuts & seeds, and healthy oils.

SlimGourmet provides menus that can be adapted to make it easier for your to follow the paleo diet. Our menus can be customized for you to meet your daily dietary requirements so you will remain healthy and energized while effectively losing weight or bulking up. Please call us for further info or to have a free nutrition consultation with one of our certified nutritionist.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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