Organic Living

The pattern of organic living is the lifestyle of choosing natural materials that are environmentally friendly to improve the quality of human life and ecosystems. Organic ingredients believed to be more secure because no chemical and synthetic, environmentally friendly, and is believed to be healthier for the body.

The word 'organic' refers to the way the production and processing of agricultural ingredients, whether plants, animals, and even household appliances.

Terms of an organic material is said among other crops must be grown on land that is safe, no genetic engineering, separated from conventional materials, synthetic pest-free, cattle have access to the outdoors, given organic feed and no hormone injections.

In America the labeling of 'organic' is a serious problem, a product that escapes and gets the label "USDA Organic" must contain at least 95% organic ingredients. If it is below 95% got the label 'Made with Organic'. Indonesia is now also starting to develop institutions certified organic ingredients.

The advantage of organic products is low contamination with chemicals, fresher because no preservatives, can help menghilangan allergic to pesticides. Because of pesticide contamination in the long term can increase the risk of cancer, resulting in genetic disorders and fetal defects.

Therefore SlimGourmet use USDA certified organic rice only in Indonesia to ensure our clients get the best quality rice.

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