Nutrition Info - Salt

Whether you are one of those who love salty foods? If you are the one, newsletter this week discusses the salt and the impact of excessive consumption.

Salt is one food that should limit their consumption. Excessive salt intake can cause health problems such as high blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke. Which must be aware of the salt is not salty taste, but the content of sodium in it. Sodium is a substance needed to maintain fluid balance in the body. 

Actually, salt is also commonly found in processed food, such as sausages, instant soups, fast food, cheese and even bread and cereal. So, limit consumption of processed food and multiply the consumption of fresh foods. In order to maintain health, the consumption of salt recommended to be limited is a maximum of one teaspoon in one day.

We at SlimGourmet always use fresh food that is measured with the use of salt, because we believe that a healthy and tasty food should not be salted.

Good luck, Friend's of Slimgourmet!

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