National Children’s Day

National Children’s Day

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! Do you know that 23rd July is announced as National Children’s Day? In health perspective, tha aim of National Children’s Day celebration is raise people awareness about Indonesian children health and nutrition.

According to Riskesdas, 93,6% Indonesian children age 10-14 years old have a low habit of consuming vegetable and fruit so it can increase the risk of overweight and obese, malnutrition, and growth delay.

Meanwhile, as we know, some research has shown that adequate intake of vegetable and fruit can help in lowering overweight risk and prevent chronic non-communicable disease. For toddler and children, it is best to eat vegetable and fruit 300-400 grams a day and about two-thirds are vegetables. We realized that, children’s dietary habit especially eating enough vegetable and fruit is related to their mother’s role in providing food. If mother gives healthy and nutritious food to their children continously, then it can establish a good dietary habit to their children.

SlimGourmet is the right choice for parents, especially mother, to accustom healthy, balanced and nutritious food to their children. Through KidzGourmet package, SlimGourmet serves customized portion food based on children’s age and dietary need, made of fresh ingredients, non preservative, balanced nutrition, and taste delicious. Let’s be united and make Indonesian children stay healthy!

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous!

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