Maintaining a Healthy Diet on Christmas

Maintaining a Healthy Diet on Christmas

Hi Friends of SlimGourmet! Christmas celebration certainly feels less if it is not completed with a variety of dishes that tempt the tongue such as steaks, grilled chicken, and sweet cakes. Make sure your diet is maintained so that you can celebrate Christmas with a healthy body condition. Then how do you maintain your healthy diet?

For breakfast, try to consume a bowl of oat porridge with a mixture of strawberries or bananas and add honey. Or you can eat roasted whole wheat bread with boiled eggs. Oats and whole wheat bread have high fiber content which can cause a longer feeling of satiety. For your lunch at Christmas, grilled chicken, steak, or various other processed meats it must be delicious. However, make sure that half of your plate contains vegetables, so that the other half can contain carbohydrates and side dishes. This aims to ensure that consumption of vegetables is maintained at Christmas. In addition to the main meal, you can still eat snacks with sweet cakes in a small plate, you can fill it with half a portion of fruit and half the portion of sweet cakes so that the consumption is not excessive. For dinner, if you have a tradition of eating together on Christmas Eve, you better consume fruit before eating dinner, this will make your stomach feel quite full, so the dinner portion becomes smaller.

Another way you can do to maintain a healthy diet at Christmas is to continue to eat healthy food from SlimGourmet Premium Healthy Catering, which has been recommended by a Nutritionist according to your conditions and needs.

Let's Live Healthy, Happy, and Prosper with Slimgourmet!

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