Lets Eat Brown Rice!

Happy monday Friends of Slimgourmet! Until now, white rice is the staple food for most of the Indonesian nation. Unfortunately, research shows that an increasing number of white rice consumption with the increase in people with diabetes mellitus. This is because the amount of excess consumption of white rice but without enough fiber and physical activity.

Seeing these conditions, the majority of Indonesian people began to switch to consume rice brown rice colored one. Brown rice is a type of colored rice which began to tune the community because several advantages over white rice, brown rice among others able to provide satiety longer because of the fiber content of brown rice 6x higher than white rice and has a glycemic index value is lower. In addition, vitamin and mineral content of brown rice is able to meet kebutuhaan micro nutrients in the body.

Let's start turning on red rice now! Various organic brown rice such as brown rice Sunria, Tropicana Slim and brown rice My day can be an option for your consumption. Fluffier texture and free of pesticides be a wise choice to get a healthy diet.

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