Know More about Autoimmune Disease

Know More about Autoimmune Disease

Hi, Friends of SlimGoumet! Maybe you haven’t heard much about autoimmune disease. However, having an autoimmune disease is becoming a familiar medical condition in Indonesia as well as other countries as its prevalence is increasing worldwide.

Autoimmune disease is a condition in which our body’s immune system attacks our own body cells. There is a malfunction in our immune system so that it doesn’t work properly, as it assumes healthy cells in our body are foreign invaders and triggers symptoms such as allergy and inflammation.

What we can do to treat autoimmune disease is be aware with our body’s condition and avoid food that can trigger autoimmune symptoms. Food triggers are different in each person with autoimmune disease, but the most common foods that can trigger autoimmune symptoms are food with
gluten, sugar, dairy, nuts, white egg, and soy products.

Doing an elimination diet or autoimmune paleo diet for 2 and 4 weeks is needed in people with autoimmune disease to rest and stabilize their immune system and to learn more about
their condition and triggers. Food groups are slowly re-introduced to find out which food cause autoimmune disease symptoms to occur.

SlimGourmet now has an elimination diet package designed especially for people with autoimmune disease. This package comes with menus from a variety of cuisines and is available in two versions (with or without carbohydrate) based on your dietary requirements and autoimmune disease symptoms.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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