Know Your Food Expiration Date

Hi, Friends of SlimGourmet! Earlier this week we will invite you to learn more about the expiration date on food

Expiry date is the deadline foods made by food companies to maintain the quality of the quality and safety of food produced. The quality of the product can be guaranteed by food producers throughout the food packaging has not been opened, damaged and in accordance with the recommended storage.

Then, whether the danger if we do not deliberately consume food that is past the expiration date?

Food that has passed the expiration date should not be consumed because there is no guarantee of the quality of the product regarding food quality and food safety. Is likely to damage the food is also greater because it has been contaminated with bacteria or other microorganisms that cause a decrease in the quality of food even food poisoning.

Therefore, it is recommended once noticed the expiration date on the label of food packaging when shopping so that we can eat foods that have the quality of quality and safety of food is good for health.

Generally, the food has a long expiration date because they contain preservatives and chemical additives. SlimGourmet Premium Health Catering uses fresh ingredients are processed on the same day at the time of delivery. We were advised to eat foods SlimGourmet directly on the same day with delivery so that the quality of food is maintained and optimum nutrient content. However, you can store food in the refrigerator SlimGourmet but not more than three days because SlimGourmet food preservative and chemical free.

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