Importance of Fiber Consumption Every Day

Fiber is an important food to maintain a healthy digestive system and makes the body full longer. Lack of fiber at risk of constipation, bloating, bowel cancer, to cardiovascular disease.

Fiber needs of a person in a day is 25-30 grams, equivalent to five servings of vegetables and fruit. Foods high in fiber is good for people who want to maintain or lose weight, because despite the large volume, high-fiber foods usually contain low energy, so as to delay hunger and creates a feeling of satiety for longer. Currently on the market there are fiber products in the form of drinks, but pengunannya not recommended. Foods high in natural fiber safer and contain more nutrients, as well as cheaper.

Dietary fiber can be found in all types of plant foods. There are two types of fiber, which is water soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Water-insoluble fiber found in brown rice, wheat, vegetables, and fruits, its function is to help facilitate digestion prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. While a lot of soluble fiber found in beans, vegetables and fruits, its function helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and dyslipidemia. Besides fiber, both soluble and insoluble, it can also help prevent colon cancer and binding invitation issued karisongenik substances in the intestine.

Let's eat fruits and vegetables at least five servings a day!

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