How To Make Your Joints Stay Healthy

How To Make Your Joints Stay Healthy

Hi, Friends of SlimGoumet! Do you know that arthritis has been celebrated annually on 12 October? Arthritis day is celebrated to motivate us in keeping our joints stay healthy.

Joints are part of body that connect between bones and have function to move your body. The function of joints is so important, therefore we have to keep our joints healthy. Some factors that affect health joints are eating habit, lifestyle, and exercise choice.

Overweight can make joints work harder especially in some parts (knee, waist, and back). If you are overweight or obese, then your risk in arthritis is higher too. Therefore, tracking your weight and losing weight to your ideal weight is needed to reduce joints' burden

To keep your joints healthy, make sure to get enough consumption of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, protein, collagen, antioxidant, and omega fatty acids. You also can do some moderate exerciseregularly. Being active and doing routine exercise can make your muscles and joints stronger and able to function well. Furthermore, exercise prevents the risk of arthritis. Besides exercise, eating nutritious food is important to keep your healthy lifestyle. It is important to stay away from alcohol, smoking habit, and drinking huge amount of caffeine.

Keep your joints healthy with SlimGourmet, we will arrange nutritious food that will prevent you from arthritis.

Let's stay healthy, happy and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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