How To Make Healthy, Simple And Nutritious Breakfast

How To Make Healthy, Simple And Nutritious Breakfast

Happy Monday! Healthy life starts from having a healthy breakfast. Unfortunately, many people do not have breakfast because of their busy and tight schedule. Is that happens to you too?

Breakfast provides 15%-30% of daily energy needs or 200-300 calorie for people who have 1500 energy needs a day. As we know how important breakfast for our body, we should get used to have breakfast. Basically, making a healthy breakfast doesn’t need a complicated menu and prepareation. Eventhough it should consists all of nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral.

In breakfast, we can eat anything besides rice. Other carbohydrate food source like vegetable roots, corn, and cereal are a good alternative food for breakfast. Then, what we should do is adding protein source like egg, beans, meat, tofu, and tempeh to our menu. Simple and healthy menu like vegetable omelette, whole wheat cereal, nasi pecel and bacem tahu, vegetable croquette, toasted bread with ground chicken can be a referance for your breakfast menu.

SlimGourmet Premium Catering supports healthy breakfast habit and provides healthy food choice for breakfast like toasted muesli and whole wheat bread with omega-3 egg. Those basic ingredients can be processed to healthy breakfast menu with  adding low fat milk or yogurt to complete your daily nutrients need. Let’s try SlimGourmet’s healthy, simple, and nutritious breakfast package!

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