How Much Sugar Intake for Children?

How Much Sugar Intake for Children?

Hi friends of SlimGourmet! Recently, we already passed 2 weeks of Holy Ramadhan Month. Are you one of the parents who teach your children to fast? If you are, do you notice how your children eat during breakfasting that commonly high in sugar?

Generally, sugar is needed to produce energy that can be used for daily activities. However, children has limitation in sugar intake for a day. It is important to limit sugar intake in children because high intake of sugar can lead to some health problems such as dental & gum health, risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease risk. Daily sugar intake for children is different than adult’s. According to American Heart Association, children sugar intake age 2 – 18 years old should consume less than 6 tbs or 25 grams sugar a day. Meanwhile, for children age less than 2 years old, should not eat added sugar at all because they still has low energy need in those age.

One of the ways to limit sugar intake is read and notice food packaging label whether it contains sugar added or not. Besides, you can also cook your own fammily’s meals so you can control your children sugar intake. However, if you don’t have enough time, SlimGourmet serves main course as well as dessert menu that can help your children to get healthy and balanced nutrition food with low sugar intake and appropriate control portion based on their age.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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