How Much Calcium We Need That You Need in a Day?

How Much Calcium We Need in a Day?

Hi, Friends of SlimGourmet! Have you fulfill your daily calcium need? It is important to keep your daily calcium need fulfilled to prevent bone cancer.

Calcium is one of minerals that your body needed. The main function of calcium as a main forming mineral for bone and teeth. Calcium deficiency causes malfunctions in growth bone and osteoporosis as well. Daily calcium need is different for each people. Based on AKG (Angka Kecukupan Gizi) 2013, calcium need for baby age 0-11 months is 200 mg/day, for girls or boys age 1-9 years is 650-1000 mg/day, for adolescents is 1200 mg/day, for adults and elderly people need an average calcium for about 1000 mg/day. Daily calcium need increases about 200 mg when pregnancy or breast-feeding.It is important to pay attention to your bone health and your calcium intake. If you fulfilled your daily calcium need, your bone mass will get stronger as you get older. The main resources for calcium are dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, kefir, fish, broccoli, and beans & nuts.SlimGourmet always provide enough calcium intake in your meals menu and processed with our fresh ingredients, for example on menu this week, Tongseng Daging Sapi, Tumis Sawi Putih Brokoli, Crusted Almond Snapper With Creamy Orange Sauce, Cheesy Cassava, Cheese Tart, and Low Fat Creamy Chicken Soup.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperity!
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