Hormone Leptin Reversed Your Diet

Hi, Friends of Slimgourmet! Have you felt it was set by regulating calorie diet and exercise but ideal weight not being achieved?

The fat burning process is not as simple as the theory of calories in must be less than calories out. The fat burning process involves many things including some hormones related to metabolism. One hormone that has a major role in our body everyday, especially when dieting to lose weight is the hormone Leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that informs the brain to stop eating when the body is satisfied and get enough energy, in other words leptin to control appetite. Leptin is produced in fat cells of the body, so the more fat you have, the more leptin in your body and of course it is good to keep your diet. If so, logically, people who are obese or obese have leptin levels are high because it has a lot of fat cells so that they can easily control appetite. However, it is not so because leptin resistance can happen to anyone, especially in people who have too much fat, especially fat in the blood. As a result, leptin does not work, and only in the blood but it does not reach the brain.

To that end, it is important to maintain levels of body fat that leptin can work well and your ideal body weight can be achieved. In addition to eating high-fiber foods such as vegetables and whole grains can also maintain and increase levels of leptin. Let's consult your diet and nutrition issues with our certified nutritionist!

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