Healthy Snack for Breakfasting

Healthy Snack for Breakfasting

Hi, Friends of SlimGourmet! Some of us still confused when deciding breakfasting menu. Sometimes, we don’t notice our breakfasting menu quality, and those behavior should be avoided. Healthy eating during fasting helps us to stay healthy.

To stay healthy during fasting, your daily nutrients must be fulfilled. One way to fulfill your daily nutrients during fasting is choosing the right breakfasting menu which is

sweet and healthy. In breakfasting, we suggest you to drink mineral water first, then eat something that is sweet and healthy. You can eat some foods that contain natural sweetener, rich in fiber & antioxidants, and low fat.

Dates are good food to be eaten as breakfasting snack (ta’jil) because of natural sweetener contained that can increase your blood sugar slowly and have a good impact to your health. However, dates can be mixed with other ingredients such as nuts, dried coconut, and ginger like one of SlimGourmet’s breakfasting snack menu named Raw Gingerbread Date Bar which is healthy and nutritious.

SlimGourmet’s team try to formulate healthy and nutritious breakfasting menu and provide alternative foods to consume dates as main ingredients, so you have variety menu to choose in breakfasting. Let’s try Raw Gingerbread Date Bar, one of SlimGourmet’s certified nutritionist approved healthy breakfasting snack.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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