Healthy Menu to Celebrate Mother's Day

Healthy Menu to Celebrate Mother's Day

Hi Friends of SlimGourmet! Soon we will commemorate Mother's Day. Anyone will try to give a special gift on Mother's Day on December 22nd. Such as cooking delicious and nutritious food.

Cooking delicious and nutritious foods is not always complicated. Various types of cuisine and easy cooking methods can be done to serve delicious and nutritious dishes. Food ingredients available at home such as tofu, celery, mushrooms, oatmeal, potatoes, or cassava can be processed into special foods on Mother's Day. Some menus that can be processed from these foods are coriander tofu salad, beef in mushroom and pepper sauce, mixed salad with celery dressing, oatmeal crusted chicken in honey cumin sauce, potato and vegetable salad, thai sweet cassava, and so on. You can also enjoy these menus at Slimgourmet Premium Catering this week.

The Slimgourmet Premium Catering Team always tries and innovates to process healthy and nutritious foods but also has delicious taste. Various types of cuisine from several cuisines such as Indonesian Cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine, Western Cuisine, and Asian Cuisine can be enjoyed. You can also do nutritional consultation at any time with the Slimgourmet Premium Catering nutritionist team.

Let's live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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