Healthy Living with Sweet Potato Consumption

Healthy Living with Sweet Potato Consumption

Hi Friends of SlimGourmet! Who is not familiar with sweet potatoes, this soft and sweet food is almost liked by everyone and all ages, including for children who start learning to eat. Sweet potatoes are local food ingredients that have many health benefits, especially for people with diabetes mellitus. People with diabetes mellitus are advised to still be able to maintain their blood glucose levels by choosing foods that have a low glycemic index. Sweet potato is one of the staple foods that has a low glycemic index (IG <55) which is safe for diabetics to consume as a substitute for carbohydrates or as a dessert.

Another advantage of sweet potatoes is the content of vitamin B6 and sweet potato folic acid can optimize the work of the brain so that memory can be maintained. In addition, the anthocyanin content in sweet potatoes can counteract free radicals so as to prevent the occurrence of non-communicable diseases.

Various processed sweet potatoes can be produced as a substitute for carbohydrates and as a dessert. Let's try healthy processed sweet potato menus such as Roasted Sweet Potato and Taro Cake on this week's Slimgourmet Premium Catering menu.

Let's Live Healthy, Happy, Prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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