Health Benefit of Sweet Corn

Health Benefit of Sweet Corn

Hi Friends of SlimGourmet! As time goes by, dietary habit is changing too. Traditional food was left behind and people start to eat fast food that more interesting and tasty. For instance, people used to eat sweet potato and corn as main meals; however, nowadays those kinds of foods were left behind. If the changing of dietary habit is followed by exercise inadequacy, health problems such as coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes mellitus will occur. It is time to live healthy and apply healthy dietary habit; one of the ways is choosing suitable food to decrease the risk of degenerative disease.

Sweet corn consumption can prevent obesity because it contains complex carbohydrate, and some useful nutrients like protein, fat, dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin, and mineral. Complex carbohydrate content in sweet corn has function as body energy source. Then, protein and fat content can help in cell growth and regeneration as well as maintain body temperature. Other benefits of sweet corn are increasing antioxidants level, called ferulic acid, a phenolic acid that can prevent cancer.

SlimGourmet combines some vegetables in their menu, that aims to fulfill nutrient needs and increasing appetite. For example the combination of sweet corn, green bean, basil leaf, and tomato in this week’s menu, Tomato Basil Clear Soup.

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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