Ginger: One of Useful Herb

Ginger: One of Useful Herb

Happy Monday, friends of SlimGourmet! You must be ever heard about ginger. It is one of typical Asian herbs that often used in various cuisine, including Indonesian cuisine. Besides, ginger is also used as herbal medicine because of its various benefits.

Some menu like wedang ronde or susu jahe are fancied by people especially in the cold weather. That is because ginger has spicy and warm sensation that can raise your body temperature. Otherwise, ginger can trigger sweat appearance so it is best for you when having cold or flu to recover quickly. Ginger also use to handle nausea and stomachache. It is because ginger contains phenolic that has function in ease gastointestinal iritation symptomp and prevent stomach contraction. Other than that, phytonutrient in ginger called gingerol, is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent so it can prevent inflammation and bacteria growth in your body.

Realized that ginger is so useful, many food innovation using ginger are emerges. Ginger not only used in beverages ingredients and seasoning, but also can be used as cake ingredients. In this week’s menu SlimGourmet uses ginger as flavoring and seasoning in maincourse and dessert menu. Let’s enjoy SlimGourmet’s Herb Ginger Crusted Fish in Dill Mint Sauce and Ginger Cake and enjoy the good benefits from ginger!

Let’s live healthy, happy, and prosperous with SlimGourmet!

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