Fill Out Your Calcium Intake

Hi, Friends of Slimgourmet! The end of the year once synonymous with cold weather. At low temperature, easy to feel pain due to bone joints become less flexible and not strong than in ordinary weather, it could be one sign of diminished density or bone density.

Most calcium density function for the formation of bones and teeth, a small portion for other metabolic functions in the body. The higher the need and the low supply of calcium in the body the more efficient absorption or the absorption of calcium. Increased requirements occur in growth, pregnancy, lactation, calcium deficiency and level of physical activity increases bone density.

In the human body there are approximately 1 kg of calcium, 99% found in bones and teeth, and 1% are widely distributed in the body to keep the body's metabolic balance. Calcium in the bones is a source of blood calcium, so even though the food is less calcium concentration in the blood will remain normal for their reabsorption of calcium from the bones. Since the number of calcium lost in the process of bone reabsorption, then an adequate calcium intake is recommended before aging occurs to maintain bone health in the elderly and slow the pace will lose bone density can lead to osteoporosis.

The main sources of calcium are milk and other dairy products and fish, especially fish that smooth prickly. Slimgourmet always trying to keep the intake of calcium in the food, so that high calcium low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese are often used in a variety of appetizer menu, maincourse, carbo and dessert.

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